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Watch The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Full Movie Online

Watch  The Dark Knight Rises Full Movie

Watch The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Full Movie Online

Free Watch The Dark Knight Rises Streaming Online Runtime 165 minutes and Released on MPAA Rating is .

  • Movie Runtime : 165
  • Audience Rating : 7.7
  • Status : Released
  • Movie Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
  • Movie Rating :
  • Imdb Kode : 1345836
  • Movie Release Date :
  • Audience_Score : 11388
  • Youtube Id :
  • Critics Rating :
  • Year :
  • Country : United States of America
  • Movie Casts :
    • Christian Bale Character (Bruce Wayne)
    • Michael Caine Character (Alfred)
    • Gary Oldman Character (Commissioner Gordon)
    • Anne Hathaway Character (Selina)
    • Tom Hardy Character (Bane)
    • Marion Cotillard Character (Miranda)
    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt Character (Blake)
    • Morgan Freeman Character (Fox)
    • Matthew Modine Character (Deputy Commissioner Foley)
    • Ben Mendelsohn Character (Daggett)
    • Cillian Murphy Character (Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow)
    • Liam Neeson Character (Ra's Al Ghul)
    • Juno Temple Character (Jen)
    • Tom Conti Character (Prisoner)
    • Alon Aboutboul Character (Dr. Pavel)
    • Burn Gorman Character (Stryver)
    • Nestor Carbonell Character (The Mayor)
    • Josh Stewart Character (Barsad)
    • Aidan Gillen Character (CIA Op)
    • Joey King Character (Young Talia Al Ghul)
    • Josh Pence Character (Young Ra's Al Ghul)
    • John Nolan Character (Fredericks)
    • Warren Brown Character (Mercenary Security #1)
    • Daniel Sunjata Character (Captain Jones)
    • Sam Kennard Character (Special Ops Sergeant)
    • Aliash Tepina Character (Hooded Man #2)
    • Nick Julian Character (Caterer)
    • Miranda Nolan Character (Maid #2)
    • Claire Julien Character (Maid #3)
    • Brett Cullen Character (Congressman)
    • Reggie Lee Character (Ross)
    • Joseph Lyle Taylor Character (DWP Man)
    • Chris Ellis Character (Fr. Reilly)
    • Duane Henry Character (SWAT in Dive Bar)
    • James Harvey Ward Character (SWAT in Alley)
    • Gonzalo Menendez Character (Cop in Manhole)
    • Cameron Jack Character (Sewer Thug #1)
    • Lex Daniel Character (Sewer Thug #2)
    • Tyler Dean Flores Character (Mark)
    • Thomas Lennon Character (Doctor)
    • Trevor White Character (Yuppie)
    • Rob Brown Character (Allen)
    • Fredric Lehne Character (Exchange Security Chief)
    • Courtney Munch Character (Female Security Guard)
    • Chris Hill Character (Paparazzi #1)
    • Travis Guba Character (Paparazzi #2)
    • Jay Benedict Character (Rich Twit)
    • Will Estes Character (Officer Simon Jansen)
    • David Dayan Fisher Character (Shoe Shine Man at GSE)
    • Glen Powell Character (Trader #1)
    • Russ Fega Character (Trader #3)
    • Andres Perez-Molina Character (Valet at Museum)
    • Brent Briscoe Character (Veteran Cop)
    • Oliver Cotton Character (2 Star Air Force General)
    • Mark Killeen Character (Airport Cop)
    • Sarah Goldberg Character (Analyst #1)
    • John MacMillan Character (Analyst #2)
    • Robert Wisdom Character (Army Captain at Bridge)
    • Ronnie Gene Blevins Character (Cement Truck Driver)
    • John Hollingworth Character (CIA Analyst)
    • Ian Bohen Character (Cop with Gordon)
    • Uri Gavriel Character (Blind Prisoner)
    • Noel Gugliemi Character (Ex-Prisoner at River)
    • Hector Atreyu Ruiz Character (Gangbanger)
    • Patrick Cox Character (Huge Inmate)
    • Aramis Knight Character (Kid with Apple)
    • William Devane Character (President)
    • David Gyasi Character (Skinny Prisoner)
    • Patrick Jordan Character (Special Forces #2)
    • Joshua Elijah Reese Character (Mercenary at City Hall)
    • Desmond Harrington Character (Uniform)
    • Mychael Bates Character (Bomb Truck Driver)
    • Tomas Arana Character (Wayne's Lawyer)
    • Peter Holden Character (Applied Sciences Tech #1)
    • David Monahan Character (Applied Sciences Tech #2)
    • Jillian Armenante Character (Lawyer's Clerk)
    • Aja Evans Character (Greeter at Museum)
    • Aldous Davidson Character (Valet at Wayne Enterprises)
    • Wade Williams Character (Warden at Blackgate)
    • Jake Canuso Character (Waiter in Florence Café)
    • Massi Furlan Character (Janitor at GSE)
    • Christopher Judge Character (Mercenary Security #4)
    • Patrick Leahy Character (Board Member #2)
    • Todd Gearhart Character (Uniform #2)
    • Marc Abbink Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Isiah Adams Character (Young Stock Broker (uncredited))
    • Charlie Alejandro Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Robert Arensen Character (Former Upscaler (uncredited))
    • Grant Babbitt Character (Angry Mobster / Prisoner (uncredited))
    • Fileena Bahris Character (Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited))
    • Rick Bolander Character (Mercenary (uncredited))
    • Kyle Patrick Brennan Character (Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Scott Churchson Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Bill Cowher Character (Gotham Rogues Coach (uncredited))
    • Graham Curry Character (Pentagon Navy Petty (uncredited))
    • Stephanie Domini Ehlert Character (Reporter (uncredited))
    • John Farrer Character (Older Upscale Person (uncredited))
    • Frank Fata Character (Prisoner / Thug (uncredited))
    • Christopher Bryan Gomez Character (Stock Broker (uncredited))
    • Vito Grassi Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Michael Wren Gucciardo Character (Stockbroker in Snipers Scoop - Stock Exchange (uncredited))
    • Sam Harris Character (Prisoner (uncredited))
    • Ed Heavey Character (Police Officer (uncredited))
    • John W. Iwanonkiw Character (Gotham Police Officer / Fan (uncredited))
    • Cindy Jackson Character (Gordon's Cop #4 (uncredited))
    • Daniel Jordano Character (Boom Operator News Crew (uncredited))
    • William Kania Character (Gothamite (uncredited))
    • Tiffany Kemp Character (Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited))
    • Sun Jae Kim Character (Stock Broker (uncredited))
    • Hrvoje Klecz Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Alex Kruz Character (Wall Street Broker (uncredited))
    • Tyler La Marr Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • LeJon Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Paul Jude Letersky Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Joe Lipari Character (Prisoner (uncredited))
    • Silvia Lombardo Character (Tourist (uncredited))
    • Jorge Mardel Character (Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited))
    • Cale McConnell Character (Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited))
    • David Dale McCue Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Tiffany Sander McKenzie Character (Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited))
    • Allen Merritt Character (Angry Mobster (uncredited))
    • Olan Montgomery Character (Wayne Enterprises Security (uncredited))
    • Alex Moore Character (Mercenary (uncredited))
    • Shane Nolan Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Jackson Nunn Character (Prisoner / Thug (uncredited))
    • Joseph O'Brien Character (Gotham City News Cameraman (uncredited))
    • Michael Papajohn Character (Prison Guard (uncredited))
    • Salomon Passariello Character (Prisoner / Mob (uncredited))
    • Kyle David Pierce Character (Gotham Stock Trader (uncredited))
    • Troy Polamalu Character (Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited))
    • Michael Power Character (Gotham Police Officer (uncredited))
    • James Rawlings Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Kirsten Roeters Character (Doris in Black (uncredited))
    • Ben Roethlisberger Character (Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited))
    • Mark Roman Character (Gotham Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Anthony J. Sacco Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Eric Salazar Character (Angry Thug (uncredited))
    • Emily Schooley Character (Hot Football Fan (uncredited))
    • Thomas Tull Character (Gotham Rogues Owner (uncredited))
    • Chris Vaina Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Vincent van Ommen Character (Prisoner (voice) (uncredited))
    • Michelle Vezzani Character (Gotham City Press (uncredited))
    • Barbara Vincent Character (Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited))
    • Justin Michael Woods Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Jason Yee Character (Mercenary Soldier (uncredited))
    • Maria Zambrana Character (Gotham Citizen (uncredited))
    • John Zion Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Alex Ziwak Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Tommy Bayiokos Character (Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Matthew Gooley Character (Football Fan (uncredited))
    • Jeff Moffitt Character (Cop (uncredited))
    • Mark Falvo Character (Football Fan (uncredited))
    • Diogo Hausen Character (Thug (uncredited))
    • Gary Sievers Character (Prisoner (uncredited))
    • Orion McCabe Character (Mercenary (uncredited))
    • London May Character (Court Room Thug (uncredited))
    • James Quinn Character (Gothamite (uncredited))
    • Daniel Newman Character (Thug #2 in Basement)
    • Joe Fishel Character (Police Officer (uncredited))
    • Daina Griffith Character (Foley's Wife)
    • Harry Coles Character (Younger Prison Child)
    • Julie Mun Character (Reporter at Stadium)
    • Rory Nolan Character (Little Boy at Bridge)
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